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Because this is a question I keep seeing in reviews of my Plunnies, I decided to make a The Room Masterguide! Keep in mind, many of these fics ARE NOT WRITTEN YET! The character personalities comes from the fact that in our chat conversations we brainstormed these verses a lot, and had a very clear idea of where they would go already.

So a lot of what you do see, even in the fics that are In Progress, have not yet been written. For example, 30 Cases Shinichi; he's still Conan as of chapter 10, which is currently the last chapter that's been posted.

So things like that! And yes, that means there will be spoilers. C'est la vie?

The Room Guide )
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30 Cases
Thirty not-quite-unrelated stories that lead our darling detective and his frustrating foe along the path of romance.
30 separate yet connected one-shots from everyone's points of view as Kaito and Shinichi start on the rocky road to a relationship.

Master List )
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The quick and easy way to find any particular Plunnie. List will be updated as new ones are added!

The Plunnies, they Multiply! )
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Detective Conan

The massive list of things to write, and that are being written, and that have been written.

Things To Write )


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