mancha_sama: (bitchy)
mancha_sama ([personal profile] mancha_sama) wrote2011-07-20 01:17 pm
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Homestuck Shipping Olympics!

Well looky here, I smell fun! H3H3H3~

I'm going for the Sollux<3Karkat team, but low and behold, I appear to be the only one so far. :< And there's no Gamzee<3Karkat. Why for such popular ships is no one caring~~~ Oh well, there's still time~!

Sign-ups are now open for the first ever Homestuck Shipping Olympics!
The HSO is an event that brings fans together to create awesome stuff and hang out. You can participate by signing up with a livejournal account here and choosing which ship to support! Please only sign up if you can be polite and respectful about other ships; we want this to be a really fun experience for everybody. Sign-ups will be open from now until August 1.

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