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mancha_sama ([personal profile] mancha_sama) wrote2011-08-16 11:17 am
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Its been a while

Since I posted something. Last time I tried, lj was being attacked and such, so I totally forgot since I got wrapped up in my Olympics stuffas. Hm.

Life is full of ups and downs, so why do there always seem to be more downs than ups? Are we metaphorically working our way to hell? *snort* Religion always makes for some nice visuals.

Fluctuating between teeth gritting annoyance and complete depression. God I hate my coworkers. If I had one person who was there to back me up when everyone else was flaking the hell off, it would be bearable. But I'm so sick of being the only one to respond for hours at a time. Why won't work actually manage their employees? Fuck.

Trying to write. Will see how well I succeed. Bluh.