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30 Cases - Sonoko & Kaito

30 Cases
Beta'd by: ylvglo, DetectiveConanFan13, nightpounce, and nataeiy1
Thirty not-quite-unrelated stories that lead our darling detective and his frustrating foe along the path of romance (that's Shinichi and Kid, for the unenlightened). Will be KaitoxShinichi.

Upon finding another Kid enthusiast, Sonoko decides they are also competing for Kid's heart. Conan is amused.

Case 10 – Sonoko & Kaito

Heels clicking across the pavement in a rapid, staccato beat, Sonoko struggled not to drop anything as she juggled her purse and phone, attempting to talk at the same time. "Sorry Ran, I'm running a bit late," she said distractedly. She tucked her cell phone against her ear as she strode along the busy streets, all the while rummaging through her purse.

She'd been all ready for a nice day out with her friend when she'd realized she had a bit of a hair sticking up on the back of her head. That near disaster had resulted in an extra half-hour with her brush as she applied herself to fixing the horrendous mess before being seen in public. She'd arranged her hair into her normal, comfortable style, removing any trace of that awful cowlick that reminded her too much of a certain male bonehead.

Sonoko was determined to find a cute guy for Ran so that she could finally get over that stupid detective geek. Ran had been quite adamantly against dating anyone at first, but lately she'd gone along with Sonoko's master plans without protest. A sure sign, Sonoko decided, that Ran was finally giving up on that insensitive prick Kudou.

While Sonoko had always adamantly advocated the fact that Ran and Kudou were practically husband and wife already, once Kudou had pulled his disappearing act, she'd been hard pressed not to hate the boy for making her friend so miserable. Ran had been like a rock throughout the detective's long absence, but Sonoko had been the one Ran would come to when the loneliness became too much and she needed a good cry.

Teasing Ran about Kudou would alternatively make her flail in transparent protest, or become depressed as she was again reminded that Kudou wasn't there anymore. It was frustrating, because Sonoko alternatively wanted Kudou to come back so Ran would smile again, or just drop off a cliff and die already and leave Ran in peace.

"That's okay Sonoko," Ran's soothing voice crackled over the phone. "I don't mind waiting a bit. I'll meet you at that café, okay?"

"Right! I'll just—" Sonoko began, but nearly dropped her phone as a familiar figure caught her eye. Speak of the devil, and the devil appears. Across the train station courtyard, in between the people milling about, Sonoko caught a glimpse of the familiar face of Kudou Shinichi.

A red mist descended, and Sonoko gnashed her teeth in anger. How dare that detective geek be anywhere but groveling at Ran's feet? But oh no, Sonoko could see him laughing—laughing!—with some unseen person. She knew that Ran hadn't seen Kudou, that Kudou hadn't returned from wherever the hell he'd disappeared to; Sonoko would have been the first to know. But to have him appear here, so close, and just knowing he wasn't going to see her friend…

"Sonoko? Are you alright?" Ran's voice interrupted her vicious thoughts, and Sonoko mentally apologized to her friend. Surely Ran would forgive her for maiming the idiot just a bit?

"Sorry Ran, I may be a bit later than I thought. I'll call you in a bit!" she bit out, snapping her phone shut on Ran's startled exclamation.

There was no way she was going to let that bastard get away now. She may not be the most athletic girl around (she left that to Ran, for obvious reasons), but if Kudou didn't agree to come with her willingly, Sonoko was going to pull out all her anti-creep equipment and drag his unconscious body behind her. Then Ran could deal with whatever was left as she saw fit.

Sonoko pushed rudely through the crowd in front of her and ignored the angry cries of the people she stepped on and shoved out of the way. As she stormed her way over, she could see Kudou still chatting away without a care, though his companion was still hidden from Sonoko's view by a pillar. If that bastard was out with another girl, Sonoko wouldn't even bother dragging him in front of Ran.

Closer and closer, and she could see that stupid messy hair instead of the normal cow-lick, that stupid goofy expression she'd never seen on Kudou's face before, those stupid not-quite-blue eyes that definitely didn't belong to the detective she was looking for, and Sonoko abruptly realized that similar though the two were, the teen that had caught her eye really wasn't Kudou at all.

Halting in her tracks, Sonoko felt her anger evaporate in the wash of embarrassment, and silently hoped the guy hadn't seen her murderous approach. After all, despite his resemblance to that jerk, the boy was pretty cute, and Sonoko didn't want to look bad in front of any guy! Still, Ran was waiting for her, and she didn't really have time to take a detour.

There was a shift in the crowd, the flow of people moving purposefully toward the station gates, and through a gap Sonoko finally spotted the teen's companion. Edogawa Conan was perched casually in front of the teen, chatting amiably and (more importantly) familiarly with the other. Well, since she'd already told Ran she was going to be late, maybe she did have a few extra minutes. Surely enough time to get a name, at least! The more Sonoko looked, the less the boy resembled that jerk and the more his admirable qualities (that was a really nice laugh) shone through.

All she needed was an opening, which the shrimp was providing with admirable ignorance. So long as he didn't do anything to sabotage her great plan, she was sure her natural charm would snare the teen in no time! Edging closer, she was just trying to decide if a casual, 'Hey, Chibi-chan!' would be preferable over a more sympathetic, 'Conan-kun! What are you doing here?', when she finally got close enough to hear the pair's conversation over the noise of the crowd.

"…--nly really got to see Kid in action once," Conan was saying. "He caught me and a friend sneaking around the school at night, and gave us a riddle to solve. It was damn impossible for an elementary kid, too. But he hadn't even intended it for me in the first place!" Sonoko nearly squealed out loud in glee. Not only was the guy cute, but they were also talking about her favorite topic! So long as he wasn't another stupid detective trying to arrest Kid-sama, they would have so much in common!

She could just see it now. He would call her out under the light of a beautiful full moon to their secret spot. When she arrived, Kid-sama would be standing there, illuminated by the soft light as he walked slowly toward her. Heart in her mouth, she'd gasp in surprise as he removed his disguise, proving to be her mystery man. He would get down on one knee, a gorgeous gem in hand, and beg to be her own personal Kid…

Lost in her dreamy thoughts, it took a moment for the teen's response to sink in to her fantasy-addled brain. She quickly pressed herself against a pillar, trying to keep out of sight of the pair so she could continue eavesdropping.

"He really is the best, you know," the guy said warmly, and Sonoko nodded in agreement. Of course Kid-sama was the best! "I've always admired him, even though I wasn't sure about his morals at first."

Sonoko scoffed; what was a little stealing when it came to matters of the heart? Kid-sama was a dream for every young maiden's ideals, and every young man's ambitions!

"Really?" Chibi-chan's annoying voice piped up skeptically, piercing her daydreams again. "I find that hard to believe."

"Hey," her prince said reproachfully, and Sonoko had to refrain from bursting in and knocking some sense into the chibi's head. "What would you do in my situation? You'd want to find out everything, I know you would, and in the end, I think you'd choose Kid too."

That was an odd statement that made Sonoko pause. Find out? Choose Kid-sama? What on earth was the guy talking about? And Chibi-chan was so straight-laced and uptight, nothing would make him like her darling Kid-sama.

"I'm here, aren't I?" Chibi-chan said, and Sonoko lost her train of thought at the gorgeous smile the stranger gave the kid. She was abruptly filled with jealousy that such an expression wasn't directed at her.

"That's true," came the relaxed reply, and Chibi-chan looked away in what Sonoko recognized as a fit of mild embarrassment. The teen's smile morphed into something a little more wicked, and Sonoko found she rather like the bad-boy look it gave him too. "You're too young to go after Kid like that, anyway. Nothing would fit!"

Sonoko's eyes widened. She hadn't heard that correctly, surely! Like that? Like that?! What did her mystery man mean by like that?

"And what's that supposed to mean?" Chibi-chan shot back irritably. Yes, Sonoko urged silently, what was that supposed to mean?

"What could I mean?" the guy teased, gesturing with one arm in an exaggerated shrug. He winked as Chibi-chan rolled his eyes. "Now, take me for example. I am, of course, perfectly compatible for Kid! Endowed with all the talents a magician thief could want. Including, heh, size?"

Sonoko was too busy having a minor breakdown to hear Chibi-chan's reply. She collapsed weakly against the pillar, letting it support her weight as her mind raced. Surely she had heard wrong! Her darling prince who was supposed to be perfect on every level wasn't just out of her dating pool, but he was…he was…


The teen and Chibi-chan weren't the only ones to stare in surprise at Sonoko's outburst as she stepped out to confront them, but she spared the crowd no thought as she stared tearfully at the wide-eyed teenager. All her dreams were crashing around her, doubly so if what he said meant that Kid-sama also wasn't going to be flying in on wings of white to carry her heart away into the night!

"E-excuse me?!" her (ex-)prince stuttered. He whipped his head around as Chibi-chan made a choking noise, before turning back to her and holding his hands up defensively. "Now, uh, listen—"

"No, no, I can see how it happened," Sonoko cut him off, imagination already spinning images wildly across her mind's eye. "A boy, overwhelmed by the crowd of a heist, ducks into an alley to clear his head. Above him there is a soft tinkle, and a shining jewel falls into his hands."


"Kid-sama appears on the other side of the alley, wreathed in the soft tendrils of fog that permeates the night, glowing under the light of the moon, requesting back his prize for the night."

"Excuse me? Hello??"

"Daringly, the boy refuses, offering instead a bold trade; a kiss from his idol and secret crush for the precious bauble!"

"Oh god…"

"And with a soft chuckle, Kid-sama reprimands the boy, saying that that was his prize all along! The temptation of the forbidden fruit! Ah~ Kid-sama, how could you be lost to my charms?" Sonoko wiped at the tears pooling in her eyes, regret and disappointment a tight ball in her chest. It wasn't fair that Aoko-chan was right! Well, Sonoko was determined to win a point for the pro-Kid-sama team, and if that meant supporting him even though he was forever out of her reach, then it was just a sacrifice she was prepared to make!

She became aware of a wheezing noise, and returned her attention to the two boys in front of her. The teen had a hand over his eyes, face flushed bright red all the way to his ears, and Chibi-chan had collapsed onto his side as he was wracked with near silent laughter. Sonoko had no idea what the brat thought was so hilarious. It was common knowledge--at least since Sonoko had realized the stupid perverted keibu who was always chasing after her Kid-sama might have had more personal reasons for chasing Kid-sama down--that there were men vying for the magician thief's attention. What Sonoko hadn't expected is that Kid-sama would reciprocate! It was enough to break a fair maiden's heart!

"You!" she declared, pointing an accusing finger at the teen. "You had better take good care of Kid-sama, or I'll come to steal him back!" A small part of her mused that she was possibly overreacting; Sonoko's passionate and irrational heart overrode the feeling. It was like losing two boyfriends at once! At least there was always her darling Makoto to sooth her shattered dreams. Right now, however, the only thing Sonoko wanted was her best friend's sympathetic ear, and something sweet to drown her sorrows in.

Sonoko turned on her heel and marched away. She pushed through the throng of people, taking out her bad humor by elbowing anyone too slow to get out of her way. Behind her, she could hear Chibi-chan gasp out between paroxysms of mirth, "I'm t-telling Hakuba!" Any response was swallowed by ambient noise and distance.

Fumbling out her phone again, Sonoko made a mental note to later get the name of the mystery teen from Chibi-chan. If she was going to protect her Kid-sama's heart, she had to know who she had to hunt down after all! Punching in the speed-dial for Ran, Sonoko knew just how she could ease the pain of her loss.

"Ran! We're going to karaoke tonight! All night long!"


Case: Sonoko & Kaito - Closed
Next case: Akako & Heiji

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