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Fic Idea: DP, Mute Danny

Fic idea, where Danny was born mute. When he gets zapped by the portal, his ghost half can talk. I wonder if there'd be any value to trying to explain why, or just leave it as the Dues Ex. There would of course be the conflict of Danny wanting to talk, having the ability to do so now, but not being able to without putting himself in danger. The whole alter-ego thing taken to another level, I suppose.

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:3 Neat idea! He'd be angsty~ Hard choice for him to make though, be soo hard not to just go ghost so he could talk^^

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While it has the potential to be angsty (seriously what doesn't these days?), I don't think it would be too angsty actually. Unless of course I wanted to take it in such a direction (which I tend to lol).

He grew up mute, so it's just how he lives, so it's not a big deal. However, now he has this opportunity to speak, and that would be very emotional I imagine. I...also just realized isn't there a news story going on like this right now? XD I should read that, because it sounds amazing. That aside, yeah, there's the angst possibility, but if you keep to Danny's upbeat attitude for the most part, it's more like a puzzle or problem to work through than something to be emotionally painful.

Then again I like angst so let's just go with that. :p

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:3 If you are planning to write it, write it the way you most want it lol if that's angst then angst it is~ hehehe

I think it would be an interesting plot device for sure^^

[identity profile] 2011-10-13 01:41 pm (UTC)(link), I don't think I'll write it. I can't even write what I want to write right now, let alone what I should be writing, so even planning out another story would just be depressing. But I still get ideas. :p

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:D The plunnies, they nibble!!! hehe

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The idea sounds really nice, I can imagine it very well. I'd like to read it someday. :D

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Thanks dear<3. I have a few ideas I like for the DP verse, but no drive to actually /write/ them, sadly. But they're fun to think up!

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Wish I could read your thoughts on that story or others. I bet that they' make a great story themselves. xD Well, at least I have something new to think about at night when I can't fall asleep, thank you! <3

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Hey, any time you want to talk about story ideas, just ping me! I'm happy to share! At least it's more productive than just not doing anything. :p I didn't have anything much thought out for this idea, since I literally just thought it up, but other ideas I have a bit more detail for. Just PM me if you want to chat about things!

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You're so nice! ;^; I'd love to chat with you more! I love your stories! I can read them over and over again, so I'd love to talk with you more, but only if that's alright, I don't want to steal your time.

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No worries dear<3. I love to chat with people about stories! :] As for time, seriously don't worry about it. I wouldn't offer if I didn't want to chat.